Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SBS Spring Basket Swap

To celebrate the coming of Spring 2013, the Simply Betty Fan Club did a basket swap in April.  This is an entry for the blog hop to show off all our swap goodies, so hopefully you came to my blog from Sheri's Mamas Scrappin blog.  For this swap, my awesome partner was Trish located in Edmonton, Canada.  

It all started with a phenomenal easel
card with the SBS swap image
There were lots of butterflies and blooms of all kinds - very spring inspired!
Trish then went to great lengths to support my love of travel
inspired scrapbooking with a whole bunch of travel oriented titles,
a small journal that I can take on my next trip,
a cruise oriented acrylic stamp and a fun little album kit.  
The best thing of all that made me squeal with delight
were the multiple bags of Milkfuls....these are my absolute
favorite--a crunch carmel outside with a milky center,
 but the Stork Candy Company no longer sells
them in the U.S.

Trish even sent a new toy
 for my feline companions
Which Cony and Frosty tried to enjoy before
I even took 
out of the packaging!

And to wrap things up, my feline roommates, Frosty, Cony, and Fiona stole the show
 by photo bombing my photo shoot!

 Thank you so much to Trish for going above and beyond to make this an extra special swap!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

SBS Valentine Swap Blog Hop

It's been a long time since I posted to my blog, but life with a new job and an hour long commute each way has simply gotten in the way of my desire to do crafty stuff.  And even this post isn't anything crafty that I've made, but instead is about something wonderful I have received in a Simply Betty Stamps Valentine Bucket Swap and hopefully you came here on your way through the blog hop.

My swap partner was Sheri from Texas.  I can't thank her enough for the thought and effort she put into selecting special items according to my favorites list!  Here's a peek at what I got....

It all started with an adorable card!

Frosty approved too as he decided to
 photo bomb my picture!

 There were all kinds of Valentine themed embellishments, ribbons, bling, paper, a chipboard album, and a cute pair of Valentine socks. 

Many of the items were stuffed into this cute pail that Sheri decorated just for the occasion, and of course it wouldn't be Valentines without a few chocolate treats! Yum! I loved everything...and here it is only February 20th, and the candy and treats have already been consumed!  Thank you Sheri! 

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